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Visual Impairment (VI)

Visual impairment is when a person has sight loss that cannot be corrected using glasses or contact lenses. There are two main categories of visual impairment:

  • Being partially sighted or sight impaired – where the level of sight loss is moderate.
  • Severe sight impairment (blindness) – where the level of sight loss is so severe that activities that rely on eyesight become impossible.


Voice Output Communication Aids

Voluntary Aided School

Most voluntary aided schools are Roman Catholic or Church of England schools, and usually give priority in their admissions criteria to pupils of their faith. The governing body employs the staff, sets the admissions criteria and contributes to building and maintenance costs. The school buildings and land are normally owned by a charitable foundation, often a religious organisation.

Voluntary Organisations 

These are usually charities, which provide help and advice that is often linked to particular needs.






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