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Specialist equipment providers

Visual Impairment Equipment

The Visual Impairment Team at Brent Council have the following equipment which can be loaned to young people by arrangement: iPad and laptops with specialist apps and software, Braille note touch, Braille sense, Prodigy and Braille displays, screen reader and magnification software, Perkins braillers and embossers with Sudbury software, Electronics magnifiers. VI have a technician who managers the repair or updating of equipment. Training to use is done by the QTVI. 

Hearing Impairement Equipment


Has a wide range of fantastic products and a wealth of experience, specialising in equipment for deaf and hard of hearing people and audio products.



Phonak has been committed to developing, producing, and distributing life-changing hearing solutions for more than 70 years

You may be exempt from having to pay VAT on some types of products providing you are using them for their personal use only. Please ask at the time of purchase.


Audiology clinics provide hearing equipment such as hearing aids or cochlear implants and upgrades and BDHIS will provide support/equipment (Assistive Listening Device - ALD) until the age of 25 if they have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP), 16 years of age without an EHCP.  

Second-hand options - eBay

All the standard issues you may have with buying second-hand.  Do your research!



Go through the supplier in the first instance. (As above) There is usually a two-year warranty for faults.  If the equipment is damaged a base rate of £90 is applied with parts at an additional cost.

Equipment Insurance

We believe that there is a need in the market to provide specialist insurance and warranty programmes for specialist technologies and people with specialist needs.



Suppliers will happily answer any questions before purchase.

Ewing Foundation (Up to 25)  

We are a national charity, promoting inclusion and achievement for deaf children through listening and speaking

RG Sound Solutions

Our mission is to offer impartial advice from an independent source geared to each individual situation.

Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD)

We provide services to deaf people in their first or preferred language, usually British Sign Language (BSL).

Adult Sensory Impairment Service

The adult sensory impairment service is able for any support with equipment within the home.



Home Adaptations

Equipment mentioned in these sites can be supplied from Connevans.  Fitting the equipment will need to be done through the specific tradesperson. E.g; electrician

Bellman and Symfon

We are driven to make a difference for hard-of-hearing and deaf people. We realize this by offering solutions that empower people to stay safe, independent, and socially active.  They offer products and advice.

Hearing Products International

Hearing Products International Limited is the UK’s premium supplier of “own brand” hearing loops, induction loop systems, wireless television listeners, voice amplifiers, and home alert systems.  The offer products and advice.

NID Direct

If you have a disability that makes living alone difficult, making some adaptations to your home may help.

Living Made Easy

Adapting a home to compensate for hearing loss may just involve simple changes or the introduction of assistive technology (devices or systems that support a person to maintain or improve their independence, safety and well-being).

Fire Service

The fire service will offer a free assessment of needs and suitable products for your home.



Your PiP payments are paid to you to make your life easier.  This can be used to purchase specialist equipment, insurance, services to make your life easier as Deaf/hearing impaired individual.

Birkdale Trust for Hearing Impaired Ltd

This charity exists to provide financial support to children and young people who have a hearing impairment and to organisations who provide help to them.

Access to Work

Access to Work is a government funded grant that can assist your employer with the costs of providing practical support in the workplace such as equipment or support workers .A good overview to information and applications is via Hearing Link.

Family Fund

Grants can be applied for



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