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Life Skills - Managing money and Benefits

Managing money and budgeting is a life-long skill which is important for independence. You will learn these skills on supported learning courses at FE colleges such as College of North West London. Alternatively create a spreadsheet and list your expenses and income on a monthly basis.

O2 are excited to share our brand-new O2 Overpayment Calculator:
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You can claim disability living allowance (DLA) if you are under 16, disabled and need extra help to look after yourself or have difficulty walking or getting around. DLA is not means tested. How to claim.

Personal independence payment (PIP) is a benefit for people who need help taking part in everyday life or who find it difficult to get around. It replaces disability living allowance for people between the ages of 16 and 64 inclusive. How to claim PIP

If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty and are studying in higher education, you may be eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs). These allowances cover extra disability-related costs or expenses you have while studying which are over and above those provided as reasonable adjustments by the college or university. Apply directly to Student Finance England

A Direct Payment is a way that people can access funds to arrange their own care and can continue to live as independently as possible.  Brent Direct Payments explained.

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