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Life Skills - Travel Training

There are many life-skills to learn when preparing for adulthood. Most of Brent’s specialist schools and specialist FE courses include life-skills such as planning meals and cooking, maintaining a home, managing money and travel training.

Independent Travel Training (ITT) is for children and young people unable, or restricted in their ability, to travel unassisted on public transport because of learning difficulties or physical disabilities.

The training is provided by staff at schools or college.

The aim of ITT is for people to gain total travel independence, following positive safe travel practice with the assistance of an adult.

The objectives are:

  • gain an understanding of safe practice, leading to a reduction of road accidents
  • gain increased self-esteem
  • have an enhanced quality of social life
  • have raised aspirations for job prospects.




An FE student reflects on what has helped him:

A video about Freedom passes and Disability Railcards (for young people with SEND):


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