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Engagement with parents and young people in planning services is essential has been encouraged by the Post 16 PfA Board. Views and ideas have been gathered on education, employment and training, healthy lifestyles, activities and living independently - these are the nationally agreed areas where young people with SEND say they want good outcomes. 

From April to June 2021 young people with SEND vocalised their wishes and concerns about preparing for adulthood in a range of facilitated sessions, many online; pupils, supported interns, college students, graduates and those looking for career opportunities all took part.

On 16 June 2021, around 30 young people with SEND and a number of parents visited Brent Civic Centre and took over 4 board rooms in The Drum for the day. They expressed themselves with words, images and posters. They listened to the PfA web designer and fed back ideas by drawing graphics and advising on content and the naming of sections; they heard from Brent Works and made a list of how employers could be supportive to them succeeding in jobs; they heard from a short breaks coordinator and advised on the activities they want to do. In July, further groups with sensory impairment made videos for this website and spoke about changes they want and skills they’d like to learn to achieve good outcomes and enjoy life more.

This informative, multimedia and useful website could not have been produced without young people’s input. The website will continue to develop into a valued resource, through ongoing engagement with young people with SEND and their families.

An FE student reflects on what has helped him:


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