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Life after your EHC Plan

The Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan will carry on until you are 25. Plan will stop if:
  • You get a job (if 16 or over)
  • You go to university
  • You leave education (if over 18) and no longer want to continue
  • You turn 25 before the start of the academic year.
  • You no longer need an EHC Plan, and your needs can be met without one.

It is worth remembering that education does not necessary finish when the EHC Plan ceases. Education is something you engage with every day, learning never stops just because you leave a classroom.

You learn from your family, friends and adults involved in your care and support, but most of all you learn from experience. Life outside college or school presents many exciting experiences and challenges; all of which are there to build your independence and resilience as you prepare for adulthood.

It might seem worrying at first but you learn from your mistakes and from times when things don’t quite go to plan. This is part of being human. It is natural to feel concerned about this transition. Change is often difficult, but with support, guidance, and information, change can be something you will benefit from. Something you will look back on and feel proud that you overcame.

So, as the EHC Plan comes to an end and one chapter of your life finishes, another exciting one is just beginning. Help and support is there for you, whatever pathway you choose to take.

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