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EHC Plan Going Forward

Not all EHC Plans will need to continue to the age of 25. It is about the progress that you have made and the outcomes you have achieved. EHC Plans will finish the same school year that you are 25. EHC Plans are not for university and therefore they will stop before you go.

Annual Review



  • Autumn term Annual Review
  • September – December EHC will be amended and sent to parents and all professionals
  • December March – Application to schools/Colleges
  • December - January, SEND Advisory for Specialist provision
  • March 31st – EHC Plan to be finalised naming educational placement or Type of education placement
  • March – July, Organise a transfer plan and put in place

From Year 9 

Preparing for adulthood is an ongoing process and the Year 9 annual review is the first of several transition/planning meetings that takes place every year until you leave school or college.

Throughout the transition to adulthood, you will have an individual transition assessment and plan to help ensure that your adult needs are identified and relevant services put in place. These are reviewed annually, to reflect your changing needs as you grow older.


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