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Relationships and friendships can make you feel amazing. But they can also leave you feeling stressed out and upset. It is important to get advice if you're having problems with relationships. Many young people say friendships are a very important part of their lives. Good and healthy relationships with family, friends and partners are something we all want but sometimes can find complicated, stressful or even abusive.

If you are concerned about your relationship or you are questioning your sexuality or being pressured into behaviour you feel you are not ready for, then you should speak to someone.  If you feel it’s too embarrassing or private to have these conversations with a parent, teacher, relative or friend, there are helplines and websites to turn to.

offer live chat, messaging, webcam and telephone counselling.

Go to Relate

Childline - Call 0800 1111

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Stonewall Youth is a charity which aims to empower all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, to campaign for equality and fair treatment for LGBTQ people, and against discrimination. It also offers advice and support to young people on sexuality, coming out and health matters.

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Mosaic supports, educates and inspires young lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community of London aged thirteen to nineteen.

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Staying Healthy

Helpful and relevant advice on healthy living and accessing healthcare


A 'talking therapy' that involves a trained therapist helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues


It is important to get advice if you're having problems with relationships.

Your Safety

What should you do if you are worried about your safety?

Housing & Money

Homlessness and help with keeping out of debt

Children in care and care leavers

Visit Brent's iCare website

Youth Justice

Advice on a range of issues, including legal, immigration, health, housing and benefits.

Young Carers

Do you look after someone in Brent?

Family Wellbeing Centres

Family Wellbeing Centres

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