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Your Safety

What should you do if you are worried about your safety?

If you feel you are in immediate danger you should contact the police - dial 999.
For non-emergencies dial 101.

If you are under 19 and worried about anything you can call Childline 0800 1111

You can ask to speak to a social worker by contacting Brent Family Front Door on: 020 8937 4300 (9am - 5pm)
In an emergency call the duty team on: 020 8863 5250


Safety tips

Our best advice

Online Safety

The internet is a great way to connect with your friends and learn ; but it's also important to stay safe.


Bullying affects lots of young people and is repeated behaviour intended to hurt either emotionally or physically

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is any type of controlling, bullying, threatening or violent behaviour between people in a relationship

Help with Staying Safe

There is a lot of advice and help for young people about staying safe online

Child Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation is very harmful to young people and affects every part of their health, happiness and development

Talk Pants

The Underwear Rule helps keep you safe from abuse

Home alone

How to decide if your child is ready to be left at home alone

Child abuse

Child abuse is any action by another person – adult or child – causing significant harm to a child

Gangs and Young People

Children and young people involved with gangs may be victims of violence

Work & Learning

The skills you need to go far

Support and Advice

Are you in danger? Personal safety, help organisations and advice

Things to do

Activities all year round

Get involved!

Opportunities to participate

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