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Secondary Schools

In Brent there 20 secondary schools, they include denominational schools (Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu), academies, community, special and independent schools. You can use Brent’s school-finder to find details of Brent schools including their latest Ofsted Reports and admissions criteria.

Admissions to Brent’s maintained schools (secondary transfer) are arranged through Brent Council’s Secondary Admissions Team, Further information.

Secondary schools are attended by children from the ages of 11 through to 16. This age range is known as Key Stages 3 and 4. In the Sixth form, Key Stage 5, children usually attend until they are 18.  The year groups at secondary school are:

Year Group


Key Stage

What happens

Year 7

11 - 12


CATs testing in some schools

Year 8

12 - 13


Students follow a wide range of subjects

Year 9

13 - 14


Students choose their GCSE option subjects

Year 10

14 - 15


Students begin GCSE courses

Year 11

15 - 16


Most students take their GCSE exams

Year 12

16 - 17


AS level and vocational exams taken

Year 13

17 - 18


A level and vocational exams taken

Brent's maintained schools aim to ensure that young people are healthy and safe, contribute positively to their community and are prepared for the challenges of further and higher education or employment or training.

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Secondary Schools

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