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Open Spaces

There are over 100 parks and open spaces in Brent covering more than 1000 acres. Many of Brent’s parks have recreational facilities such as tennis courts, football pitches, bowling greens and cricket grounds. Parks are good places to exercise for the recommended 30 minutes, five times a week (NICE guidelines). Brent’s Park Finder will help you access park locations.

Visit for information about free local group runs in Brent.

Contact Brent on 020 8937 5619 to book any of our mini or full sized pitches or bowling greens in our parks. To book a Brent park tennis court, go to For artificial turf football pitches in Brent, visit:

There are outdoor gyms in 19 locations, they can be used free of charge, seven days a week and are suitable for persons over 1.2 metres tall. The equipment could lead to injury for anyone below this height as could inappropriate use. Each piece of equipment has instructions on how to use it as well as QR codes you can scan with your smartphone to access videos of how it works. Induction training sessions for the outdoor gyms are advertised in the Brent calendar.

Open spaces with outdoor gyms:

Alperton Sports Ground

Barham Park

Chalkhill Park

GEC Sports Ground 

Gibbons Recreation Ground

Gladstone Park

Grove Park

King Edward VII Park Wembley

Neasden Recreation Ground

Northwick Park

One Tree Hill

Preston Park

Roe Green Park

Roundwood Park

Carlton Vale in South Kilburn

Tiverton Playing Field

Tokyngton Recreation Ground

Woodcock Park

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Sports and Youth Groups

There are many sports clubs and activity groups in Brent which are free or inexpensive to join.

Roundwood School and Community Centre

Roundwood School and Community Centre


If you are interested in taking part in performances, these organisations may provide you with an entry point

Open Spaces

Brent has over 100 parks and open spaces covering more than 1000 acres


Knowing how to get around safely is important

Local Offer

Brent's Local Offer is a website with information and advice for children and young people from 0 to 25 with special educational needs and disabilities and their families.

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