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Child Sexual Exploitation

Some people form relationships with young people to use them for sex.

People who do this want young people to think they are a friend, or a boyfriend or girlfriend. They want to gain trust to get power over young people. They might also use bribes, gifts, threats, humiliation and even violence to get power over young people.

They use that power to force them to have sex, or do sexual things with them and sometimes with other people.

This is sexual exploitation and it’s a crime.

Sexual exploitation is very harmful to young people with the potential to affect every part of their health, happiness and development.

Who does this happen to?

Sexual exploitation or abuse in a relationship can happen to boys and girls.

It can be really hard to spot abusive behaviour and sexual exploitation as people often think that they’re in a good relationship, even after things have turned bad.

If you are a victim of abuse in a relationship or sexual exploitation, it is NEVER your fault.

The Thinkuknow website offers age relevant advice for young people, parents, carers and the children’s workforce.

(Reproduced with permission from CEOP’s © Crown)


FACE (Fighting Against Child Exploitation) is a group of young people, male and female, who are aware of the dangers of grooming and sexual exploitation. This website was developed by them to help other young people who are vulnerable or taking risks.



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