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IntoUniversity offers a safe and welcoming space for young people to learn, explore and succeed. Through after-school study sessions, mentoring meetings and our FOCUS programme which inspires and supports ambition, we provide dedicated, long term support that can break cycles of disadvantage. We run a range of programmes which inspire young people to realise their ambitions and achieve their potential. IntoUniversity aims to reduce the attainment gap for young people facing disadvantage. Through after-school study sessions, mentoring meetings and our FOCUS programme which inspires and supports ambition, we provide dedicated, long term support. We have a learning centre in Brent in the Harlesden area and work with students and schools across the borough.  

At IntoUniversity Brent, young people aged 7-18 can:

• Get support with homework and revision at our friendly and free Academic Support club
• Be paired with a mentor to work on social and academic goals and future development
• Be invited to holiday programmes, activities and trips
• Explore university and career options
• Get support with university and apprenticeship applications, interview skills and CV writing
• Meet other young people from the local area

We have centres based in communities that need us, across London and the rest of the UK, and these centres offer a safe space for young people to learn, explore and succeed. There are some volunteering opportunities that your employees might be interested in.
We have outlined the 2 main opportunities below - if you feel these are opportunities that your employees or anyone you know would be interested in, please pass on the attached flyers to your volunteering team or to the relevant mailing lists. 
1. Corporate Mentoring
We run two mentoring programmes as part of the work we do, one of which is specifically tailored towards working professionals. Corporate Mentoring is an hour-a-month commitment where student volunteers are paired with one of our Year 13 students who we feel would be a strong match for them. With the full support of IntoUniversity staff and our resources, volunteers then lead 1:1 sessions with their mentee to support them with university applications, CV writing, interview skills and much more. 
This is less so like tutoring and more so a chance for mentees to receive tailored guidance to help them make the most of current and future professional opportunities - and who better to introduce our students to this world than those who already have firsthand experience of it?
For the mentee:
This is a fantastic opportunity for them to develop crucial life skills, build their confidence and learn how to cultivate strong, positive relationships with adults.
For the mentor:
This is an opportunity to be a role model for a young person and show them how to make the most of the world of opportunities out there. It is also a chance to network with other mentors across London.
The commitment is for 1-2 hours a month (at our Brent centre, NW10 5HX, or online) from September 2024 to December 2025. Mentors must have a university degree in order to apply. They can do so here.
2. Academic Support Tutoring
We also have the opportunity to become an Academic Support Tutor with our centre. This would involve volunteering at our free after-school support sessions for under 2 hours a week. Our volunteers support students with homework, revision, and study skills, or with IntoUniversity's structured curriculum. Depending on the session, they may work 1:1 or with a group of students. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to see a range of needs in the classroom and build relationships with lots of young people, rather than just one.
Academic Support sessions take place at the following times at IntoUniversity Brent, Bathurst Gardens, NW10 5HX:
Monday and Thursday4:00pm - 5.30pm, for Secondary School Students, aged 11-17
Tuesday and Wednesday,  3:30pm - 5pm, for Primary School Students, aged 7-11
Volunteers can choose which session they would prefer to support with.
Volunteers must be 16+ and have a GCSE of Grade C or above (or equivalent) in Maths and English. The commitment is for 1-2 hours a week (at our Brent centre, NW10 5HX, or online) until July 2024, or longer if the volunteer wishes to continue.

Please contact us to check eligibility and register:
Call us on 020 8968 7498
Email us at
Visit us at IntoUniversity Brent, St Mark's Church, Bathurst Gardens, NW10 5HX





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